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Chesney's Vicenza fireplace in Bianco Avorio limestone and limestone canteliever staircase and flooring


The technical skills that the company has acquired over the past 30 years in developing its unique range of hand
carved fireplaces have also enabled it to undertake a wide variety of architectural projects that require execution of
even the most challenging stone work.

Our company’s ability to manage the stonework element of a project is not limited to technical expertise in the fields
of masonry and carving but also includes the key elements of design, material selection and procurement, services
which are all delivered through a single point of responsibility.

In addition to offering all the elements of stone work required for external residential projects, Chesney’s can boast a
diverse international portfolio of interior commissions ranging from the supply of finely carved ecclesiastical objects
to the design and manufacture of cantilevered stone and marble staircases.