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With so many people spending more time and money transforming their backyards to become an extension of the home, the only thing holding them back from enjoying their new space is the unreliability of the weather. Not anymore. 


Chesneys has a reputation for excellence in interior design in the UK and US, but we’ve always had an eye on the way our customers’ lives are changing. We saw an increasing desire to spend more time outdoors, so set our sights on creating the first outdoor wood burning stove but which could also work as a BBQ the first truly dual-function appliance of its type.

Why We Made Heat

The Range Story

The Benefits

DUAL FUNCTION - The first appliances on the market to successfully combine an efficient outdoor heater with a BBQ.

EFFICIENT - Heat comes from a sealed chamber, so that the burn rate and heat output are regulated by a simple control system.

ENVIRONMENTAL – employ the same ‘Clean Burn’ technology used in our range of indoor wood burning stoves

ATMOSPHERIC - Allow a generous but safe view of the fire making it an atmospheric experience

FLEXIBLE COOKING – the BBQs enable cooking 6 ways including; grilling, roasting, smoking, baking, wok and pizza

The HEAT Collection

Clean Burn


At the forefront of innovation for outdoor heating it will increase the amount of time you spend outside all year round. For those who already own a barbecue and love spending time outside this is a great heating solution.



The grill size is ideal for cooking for a party of 6-8. The elegant design will suit any exterior style and encourage you to get outside more, even if it is just to have a cup of coffee with the newspaper, on a sunny but cooler day.

Garden Gourmet


Large enough to cook for 10-12 people, it can be used to cook everything from a slow-roast 4-rib to a batch of brownies. The generous sized chamber provides sufficient heat for an alfresco party long into the evening.

Garden Party


This suits those with extensive outdoor space who entertain on a large scale regularly. When it comes to cooking, the large grill size will easily cater for 12-15 people and make you the ‘outdoor host with the most’, all year round.


Please contact Al McCowan via email at  or call +1 646-840-0609